Available for commissions and friendly conversations:Β  Β πΆπ‘œπ‘›π‘‘π‘Žπ‘π‘‘Β π‘šπ‘’Β Β 

I've been a full-time illustrator ever since I got my MBA from National Taiwan Normal University. As a self-employed artist, I see myself as a creative perfectionist. I like to explore different things in daily life, turn my observation into inspiration, and embody them through illustrations.Β 
In 2013 I started professional illustrations for magazines, books, and ad agencies. These are some of the companies I have been working with: VOGUE TW, Dpi Magazine, Pandora, Nike ,Nespresso, DJECO,Β ESLITEΒ Bookstore, LOCUS PUBLISHING COMPANY...Nowadays, I combine my work as an illustrator with non-commercial work, exploring new techniques, formats.
Most of my material for creating comes from my deep thoughts or soul searching, such as the interaction between couples, family, friend and all the things that you can think of happening in daily lives. I never feel tired while drawing because that’s the way I express myself and the things in my head. So, think of my illustrations as a kaleidoscope, peek inside and you can see many facets of me and my little world.

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